About The Equipreneur Academy

Founded in 2020 in Salt Lake City Utah, the Equipreneur Academy helps equestrian business owners create high-quality branding and digital marketing strategies to grow the business and lifestyle they've always dreamed of.

As equestrians ourselves, we saw the lack of high-quality marketing and business strategy being taught to equestrian business owners and it became our mission to fill this gap. Our team has experience creating high-level branding in multiple industries. We decided to focus our talents and knowledge to help equestrian businesses grow and reach their potential.

Owner and Founder

Jessica Carr first fell in love with horses when her fourth-grade teacher read her class the children's book "Misty of Chincoteague" by Margaret Henry. Like many parents of life-long equestrians, her parents thought wanting riding lessons was just a phase she would grow out of. She spent her teenage years and early 20's competing in Three Day Eventing under Ann Gilpin, a former member of the British Olympic team, and was a working student for Intermediate Eventing riding and trainer Kelli Munns.

During Jessica's senior year of high school, she took her first marketing class and was hooked. She loved learning how people interacted with companies and brands. It was fascinating learning how important marketing was to a business in order to grow and succeed.

Jessica attended Utah Valley University, where she studied Business, Marketing, Communications, Computer Science, Technology Management, and Digital Media. During her freshman year, she started working for the Entrepreneurship Institute as the Marketing and Events Coordinator where she consulted hundreds of student start-ups on their business growth and marketing. She also became the youngest ambassador in the world for Google and continued to be an ambassador for 8 years after.

Jessica went on to work for multiple technology companies as a project and product manager. One day she was asked to build a website for a local boarding facility and she realized she was being called to work in the Equestrian Industry where her heart and passion belonged.

Jessica currently lives in Phoenix Arizona and has focused on helping equestrian retailers and brands build the business of their dreams while working for one of the largest Advertising Agencies in the United States. She currently competes at local schooling shows with her "OTTB" Blue Blizzard and her half Arabian, half Chincoteague pony Paisley with bigger competition goals on the horizon.


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