Equipreneurship Articles

Why I took a step back from my business, and why it’s okay for you to as well

As someone who was raised by entrepreneurs, I’ve always loved business, even from a young age. My very first business…
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Two Point Marketing is now The Equipreneur Academy

From the creation of Two Point Marketing two years ago, I’ve focused on helping equestrian businesses build their brands, websites,…
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The Guide To Branding and Color Psychology for Equestrian Brands

What is the first thing your ideal customer thinks about when they see your logo? Have you ever considered this?…
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Equestrian Brand Exposure: Cavali Club

One day I was minding my own business and mindless scrolling through my Instagram feed (as we do), and I…
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Promoting Your Equestrian Brand Through The Holidays

The Holidays are almost here! With how crazy 2020 has been, it might seem like it came way too quickly,…
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10 Reasons To Have A Marketing Strategy

Coming up with a strategy on how to market your brand seems like a daunting task. It feels overwhelming to…
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