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One day I was minding my own business and mindless scrolling through my Instagram feed (as we do), and I came across a post that made me stop. It was an equestrian subscription box, but not just any equestrian subscription box. It was the Cavali Club. I investigated further, and I was in love with the products they featured and went into their boxes. 


We’ve all seen subscription boxes. The first box I remember seeing was Bark Box, however many years ago. I’ve never subscribed to one before because I never loved all of the products. There was one or two here or there that I liked, but I knew I would end up giving the rest away, so I never found them worth my time or money.

The Cavali Club was different

I was in love with every single product in their boxes. Even better, 90% of them seemed to be from small businesses that weren’t well known. My marketing mind started spinning. What an incredible idea! Create a box full of products people will want to buy?! Weird concept. Even better, it fed into my horse addiction because once I bought my mare Cyan after a 5-year break from horse ownership, my life was once again consumed with everything horse themed. Not only were there products I could use for her in the boxes, but there were luxurious and useful items for me as well! Including jewelry, belts, wallets, helmet sprays, boot liners! I was hooked.

Cavali Club Box Spread Cavali Club Box Opening

Even though I was in love with their products, I’m the kind of person who waits to make a “bigger” purchase. It even took me six months to commit to buying Cyan. So I waited for a few box releases before committing to the subscription. After seeing a few of the boxes, I knew I had to get involved and do some “market research” for my clients. I’ve now received two packages, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes! 


Seeing the boxes in person and after communicating with the owner, Carly, of Cavali Club, adding a product to a subscription box like the Cavali Club is a fantastic way to build your brand’s exposure.

Here is what we know:

Cavali Club works with brands in three different ways.

  1. Products

  2. Artist

  3. Promotional Materials


The main point of Cavali Club is to bring its customers a box full of products every quarter for around $50, but the value of the products in the box always seems to exceed $150. That’s the benefit of subscribing to the box rather than buying products individually. The mental math isn’t checking out here, so how does it work? 

The Cavali Club will purchase products at cost directly from the brand, and in exchange, they are considered a partner for the season. They feature the brands in a one-page spread in their physical booklet they send out with every box, and they promote the brand on their social media through the season. This isn’t kitchen table iPhone photography we are talking about here. They do a professional photoshoot for each box and tag your brand in their social media post (which, of course, you can repost to your social media providing you give them and their photographer credit). Considering they have a Social engagement rate at an average of 5.8% and an open email rate of 44%, that’s a massive benefit to your company for brand exposure


Side note: When we talk about engagement or conversion rates, a 2% conversion rate is considered standard. Anything above that is something to be very happy with!

Speaking of conversion rates, Cavali Club brands average an 8% conversion rate across all categories. What does this mean in English? That means, 8% of Cavali Club customers have made a follow-up purchase at a partner’s website using the designated promo codes. Remember that 2% conversion rate? The fact they have seen an 8% conversion rate is REALLY GOOD. So already their brands see an increase in sales just by selling their product at cost to the Cavali Club. The catch? They need an order of about 12,000 of the same product, so they have one for each box. The upside? 12,000 people will have your products in their hands. That’s huge.


I’m sure you have been distracted by now and have already wandered over to the Cavali Club Instagram page. Their boxes are adorable and have AMAZING artwork across them. Honestly, I’m already hoarding these boxes because the artwork is too beautiful to throw them away. Being an artist isn’t an easy profession. It’s not easy to gain exposure and have people see the value of their unique artwork instead of buying mass-produced photos and canvas sold at TJ Maxx. The Cavali Club has provided a very unique and effective way of promoting artists through their boxes. The Cavali Club will license their work and produce the boxes themselves. The artist is considered a partner for the season, they are featured in a one-page spread in the physical booklet, and the artist is promoted on the Cavali Club social media accounts through the season.

Promotional Materials

In the spirit of entrepreneurship and supporting equestrian brands, there is still an option for brands even if their products don’t work for the box. They will feature a coupon card within each box. The brand is responsible for printing the coupon cards, and they will place one in each box at no cost. The brand doesn’t have a feature in the booklet, and Cavali Club is not obligated to promote them on their social media.

Overall, as a branding and marketing expert, I love their business model. It’s brilliant, in my opinion. The Cavali Club has built a fierce and loyal customer base due to its community-building efforts like its Facebook Group and the more than stellar customer service that Carly provides. I’m very hesitant to make recommendations, so I’ve been watching the Cavali Club for a while to make sure they were someone I felt comfortable recommending my clients and followers to collaborate with. I can say they are someone you can trust with your brand, and working with the Cavali Club is a great way to gain exposure to a new and engaged audience.

If you are interested in working with the Cavali Club on building exposure for your brand, reach out to Carly by emailing her at Carly@cavaliclub.com

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