Promoting Your Equestrian Brand Through The Holidays

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The Holidays are almost here! With how crazy 2020 has been, it might seem like it came way too quickly, and maybe it’s left you feeling unprepared. The holiday season is typically when retail and e-commerce businesses have the most amount of sales. Knowing this, are you feeling like your scrambling last minute to figure out your holiday promotions and marketing? I promise you’re not alone. We’ve researched and found the latest holiday marketing strategies to help push more sales through your website or Etsy shop.

Determine Your Discounts

If you read our previous post, “10 Reasons to Have a Marketing Strategy”, you will have read that we don’t encourage you to run too many sales. Mainly because it devalues your brand and sets your customers up for expectations that will only hurt you in the long run (resist it!). WITH THAT BEING SAID. It’s expected that everyone has some sort of Black Friday sale, so you kind of have to go along with it. Come up with a percentage that makes sense financially for you but is still appealing to Holiday shoppers. 


OR come up with another incentive that is extremely high value. For instance, “buy this product and receive this other product for free that is ONLY available for this sale”, you just have to make sure that the other product your including is high enough value that it’s irresistible. Something cheap or low value isn’t going to cut it for the Black Friday expectations. Think of Black Friday as the Superbowl for e-commerce brands. It’s when you need to bring your A-game. 


After Black Friday, feel free to create a lower value discount or a lower value add-on product. Keep in mind our number one rule mentioned above, DO NOT OVERUSE SALES. I’ll step down from my soapbox now.

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Create Gift Suggestions

Buying things over the internet is challenging. The reason being is when your customer can’t feel your product in person it’s hard for them to imaging bringing it home. This is why creative and high-quality photography is SO IMPORTANT. While hiring a professional photographer is absolutely ideal, you can still get away with some creative photography using a smartphone. If you can create gift ideas or suggestions in your imagery it will be a lot easier for your customers to imagine buying your products as a gift. 


So be creative here. Put together some gift box suggestions, wrap your clothing in a gift box and add some Christmas glitter. Put your saddle under the tree. Have a horse wearing your bridles with a giant Christmas bow on them, you get the idea. Make it easy for your audience to imagine your products as a gift.

‘Tis The Season

Show your holiday spirit in your posts. Explain what the holidays mean to your family or the holiday traditions you have. Once again come up with creative imagery to show this.

Put together a mock thanksgiving table at the barn in front of your horses stall (that would actually be super cute), tell your audience what you are grateful for. Take your followers Christmas tree hunting over your Facebook stories.

Create a video of your barn family decorating the Christmas tree at the barn.

Share that crazy light costume that one lady at the barn dresses her horse every year (you know who I’m talking about!).

Just make sure your images are aligning with your brand guidelines and you are golden!  Show your audience who you are as a brand and invite them to join in on your holiday traditions.

Holiday Horse Photo diette-henderson-zeyojTC_x_c-unsplash

Give Your Loyal Customer a Gift

Think of incentives you can give your existing customers. Customers who have already purchased from you before. Could you email them a discount code? Send them an exclusive gift? Try to find ways to encourage and reward customers and brand loyalty. We are brainstorming Christmas gifts we can send to our clients this year. Make it personal and meaningful. Even a small gift goes a long way!

Partner With Other Brands

Find another brand that has the same customer persona, but isn’t a direct competitor. Cross promoting each other will only expand the reach of both brands. It’s a win-win solution. Do a shared Holiday photoshoot. Do a shared gift basket. There are so many options here. Get creative and find someone local to partner with!


Look For Inspiration

Pinterest is the holy grail for finding photography inspiration. Search for holiday product photos from other brands and work with your photographer on how to mimic them! What horse doesn’t look cute in a Santa or elf hat!?

Remember to plan and strategize your holiday promotions and social media posts! If you follow your plan and stay consistent you can have a successful holiday season!

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