The Secret to Social Media Marketing


Over the years, I’ve had countless clients ask for my advice on their social media and content marketing. The majority of them have the same problem, not knowing what to post. It’s not as complicated as people believe it will be. Today I’m going to share the secret behind social media and content marketing.

Marketing involves a lot of psychology. The easiest way to look at marketing is to think of your behaviors. How do you respond to ads? Pop-ups? Promotions? How do you view a brand? Why do you think that way about them? What have they done to make you have that opinion about them? Once you start to take notice of how brands interact with you, you can then begin to think about how you want your brand to interact with your audience.

That still leaves the question as to what kind of content to create to interact with your audience. If you leave this in mind, it will be a lot simpler.

People go to the internet for two reasons, to be INFORMED or to be ENTERTAINED. 

Yes, even when shopping online. When you are shopping online, you are either making an informed purchase or shopping online for entertainment (guilty!).

That’s the most important thing to keep in mind. People don’t go to the internet to look for ads or to read pop-ups or watch a commercial. They either want to be informed or entertained. That makes it YOUR JOB to inform them or entertain them. Bonus, if you can create content that’s both informative and entertaining.

For a blog that does an excellent job informing their audience, let’s look at Pro Equine Grooms. She does a great job of taking the information she’s learned over the years and teaching her audience the different topics she writes on. In her blog posts packed full of great information, she will list her Amazon Affiliate links for the various products she mentions. Therefore, she receives a commission from the products people buy that she recommends. She also has a Facebook group to ask questions about horse care and grooming that’s very active.

For a great example of Entertainment, Heels Down Mag does a fantastic job. They have quite a few informative articles, but they have a lot of entertaining posts as well. Not only do they have their blog post, but they have the Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast, a very active Facebook group, and a very entertaining email newsletter that is sent out five days a week packed full of fun and informative content.

Here are the steps

  1. Use your customer persona. When creating your branding and your marketing strategy, you should be building your customer persona. Using your customer persona, list what information your customer is looking for and what is entertaining to them.
  2. Brainstorm topics. After you have listed what your customer is interested in and entertained by, brainstorm what topics you want to cover. Are you going to talk about how to handle barn drama or how to build confidence after a fall? Are you going to cover equestrian events or shows, or give the perspective of a barn mom navigating the ropes of the Hunter world with your teenage daughter? What do you feel most comfortable covering that will relate to your customers?
  3. Decide on your format. How are you going to deliver your content? There are a few options through blog posts like this, through video, or a podcast. There are no wrong answers here. It entirely depends on what you are most comfortable creating!
  4. Run with it. There is only one way to get your content out there, and it’s to start producing it. No one is perfect their first time. Everyone makes mistakes along the way. The more you create and deliver content, the better you will become. Not only that, but it takes time to build an audience. No one is an overnight success. By the time you start building an audience, your content will be higher quality, but you need to start somewhere.

As long as you keep this fundamental rule in mind, you will create engaging content your audience will enjoy.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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